Health System Advisors advises hospital and health system leaders on their strategic issues. Our goal is to provide analysis, insight, and expertise as we facilitate leadership teams to new ways of thinking and strategies that advance their organizations and thereby transform the industry.


Advising Leaders, Advancing Organizations, Transforming Healthcare Delivery

Health System Advisors is new, yet we have been working together as a team for many years. Each of us brings a unique set of talents. We are strategists and as such take a different approach than others:

  • HSA partners know the details of the situation for which they are being paid to consult.
  • HSA brings teams that have worked closely together for years.
  • HSA researches and leads industry thinking about the future.
  • HSA sees health system leaders as part of our team rather than clients to bill.


We believe through knowing the situation, organization, and dynamics we can more effectively bring our insight and external experiences to bear on the difficult strategic challenges faced by hospitals and health systems today.


The belief that strategic advisors must know the client situation to be effective means HSA has a different business model.  We work directly with the leadership teams as they think through their challenges.  Our partners both sell and engage in the project with the team of experience managers and consultants.  Because we spend our time advising clients rather than flying in and out of meetings, we understand our clients better and have greater impact.

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