Client Praises

“Happy to sing your praises!”

– Chief Physician Officer, $1.7B Health System

“You guys are geniuses.”

– EVP Strategy, $3 Billion Health System

“Good session tonight. Thank you all for all the work.”

– CEO, $1 Billion Health System

“Thank you so much for bringing us a great team. They are already up to speed and delivering awesome work.”

– COO, Large Midwest ACO

“This is great work. It really lays out what our situation is. I appreciate you getting this turned around so quickly.”

– CFO, West Coast Community Hospital

“I really appreciated your insights. It helps shape our proposal in a strategically positive way.”

– Board Member, $2 Billion Health System

“Our Exec Team really appreciated your work last Thursday facilitating the two groups and concluding the evening. Thanks to you for a job well done!!!”

– COO, Midwest Community Hospital

“Thanks for [your] help [.] I appreciate the way you are able to put things so well.”

– COO, Community Hospital

“You did a great job and provided great thoughts, input, and direction.”

– CEO, Healthcare Service Provider

“Love this!”

– CEO, Mountain State Regional Medical Center

“I really appreciate the work you do for us.”

– CEO, Community Hospital

“Wow [HSA]. You guys have done a really nice job!”

– SVP Strategy, $1.7 Billion Health System

“Outstanding! Thanks very much for your help.”

– SVP Operations, $1 Billion Health System

“Thanks to both of you for your efforts on our health care needs. This has been extremely helpful.”

– City Manager, West Coast

“Your team is awesome and fun to work with. You hire people with traits like you. Thank you so much for sending [them] to us.”

– SVP Care Management, Largest Midwest ACO

“I can’t thank you enough for taking the extra time and effort to help us.”

– CAO, Mountain State Health System

“This [provider alignment strategy] is awesome!”

– EVP Strategy, $3 Billion Health System

“I am impressed with your [team’s] knowledge and perspective.”

– President, $4 Billion Health System

“This is really good. I think the project went great.”

– VP Strategy and Business Development, Community Hospital System

“A thing of beauty—many thanks!”

– VP Marking Strategy, Regional Health System

“You guys should be proud of having a part in building our success. Our success is as a result of executing the strategy you developed for us.”

– Division President, $3 Billion Health System

“This is coming together quite nicely and as usual, great work.”

– COO, $2 Billion Health System

“Thank you so much. I appreciate it.”

– Division President, $3 Billion Health System

“I wanted to thank all of you for your hard work these past several months. Thank you for raising the bar.”

– CEO, Regional Medical Center

“[Your] expertise in the strategic planning process [is] the best I have experienced in over 20 years of senior level healthcare management.”

– SVP, $2.5 Billion Health System

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