Our group is rapidly growing.  We are excited to work with new partners, recruit new analysts, consultants and managers, and discuss ideas with those that are interested in transforming the industry through strategic advisory efforts.

For those that are considering joining us, there are six fundamental qualities we all have and require for future members of our team:

Curiosity and Confidence

Developing innovative strategies and advising leaders on the future requires us to be comfortable navigating an ambiguity, have the curiosity to seek out new ideas and understand new environments and the confidence to challenge the standard thinking of the clients, our colleagues, and ourselves.

Intellectual Excellence

We are paid for our ability to apply our minds to the challenges facing hospital leaders today.  We must constantly be training and expanding our intellect.

Logical Thinking

Logic and analytics are the key tools of our business.  We must create internal consistency in our strategies, be able to dive into the numbers, and quantify the impact of our recommendations. Each of us is fully comfortable with the in depth analysis required to understand the facts of the situation.

Leadership and Inspiration

We influence and motivate our clients to action. Our approach to strategic advisory is a dispassionate assessment of the facts combined with proven abilities to build respectful and collaborative relationships that help inspire teams to action.

Passion for Strategy

Healthcare is our industry, but strategy is our business. We have a passion for advising hospital leaders as they navigate the future for their organizations.


Each individual has a unique set of talents and capabilities. Ours are focused on strategy and advising. This makes us right for certain efforts and wrong for others. We each have the humility to recognize that everyone has something to contribute

If you are interested in joining Health System Advisors, please get in touch by filling out the form below.



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