Advising Leaders, Advancing Organizations,
Transforming Healthcare Delivery


With a cohesive team of motivated, engaged, and inspired strategists, we advise hospital and health system leaders as they advance their organizations and thereby transform how healthcare is delivered in the United States.


Our practice embodies six major values:








We are a cohesive team that is confident in challenging each other in order to create better solutions for our clients. Together we live out our values as we achieve the vision laid out before us.

  • We respect all members of the team, encouraging and helping each other to develop unique talents, build capabilities, and advance careers and contributions to the team.
  • We treat our clients as part of our team, not simply as sources of revenue, for our goal is not income but to be high-impact advisors resulting in financial rewards.
  • We work together, challenge each other, and create new ideas together as we will strive to improve on everything we do everyday using the external market as our determinant of value.
  • We actively celebrate our individual and team successes, both professional and personal and help each other in time of need, remembering the long-term goals and contributions are what matter.
  • We write and share our thinking freely internally and to the industry.
  • We admire effort, but only reward success.
  • We do not allow uncertainty, ambiguity, risk, or debate to cause us to hesitate in forging ahead towards the end goal.
  • We inspire each other.